I love making... I enjoy the process, the planning and the creativity, the search and discovery of materials, the mistakes made along the way, and the sense of accomplishment (or failure) when it is complete.  This is what brought me to architecture.  As a child my first "architectural" experiences ranged from my father's log cabin magazines, to fabric and paint swatches from my mother (an interior designer), a doll house, a ladder modified over and over to climb trees, and play houses constructed from hay bales in the barn or mapped out in the tall field grass.  Then in middle school a first place science fair project captured my attention all night while modeling the hanging gardens of Babylon.

After discovering my passion for design coupled with a competitive attitude towards track and field I found myself at Miami University (Oxford, OH) for six years.  My architectural interests were scattered between graphics, computer rendering, salvaged and recycled materials in sustainability, industrial buildings and sites, teaching, study in London and Italy, and universal design.  As an architecture student I was one of the few who was also an athlete.  My role as a heptathlete and captain of the track team challenged my multitasking abilities beyond the seven events.  The time management skills that I acquired as an undergraduate athlete gave me the ability to work on a custom accessible home for a child with cerebral palsy, as a graduate student completing my thesis.

After graduation I moved to Vermont where my husband (TJ) and I got married, bought our first home, and now have two amazing children.  I have been at Duncan Wisniewski Architecture since June 2008 and enjoyed every minute!  In 2016, I completed by journey to licensure in the State of Vermont, and became a registered architect.


Registered Architect, 2016 State of Vermont

Master of Architecture, 2008 Miami University, Oxford Ohio (Henry Adams Fund: AIA School Medal, Teaching Assistantship, Teaching/Traveling Research: London, England)

Bachelor of Arts in Architecture, 2006 Miami University, Oxford Ohio (Magna Cum Laude, Departmental Honors, Miami Academic Dean’s and President’s List, Ecology Research in San Salvador)


2007-08 AIAS Community Service Honor Award, 2006 Miami University Female Scholar Athlete of the Year, 2005 Miami University Undergraduate Summer Scholars Award, 2005 First Prize: Metal Construction Band Shell Competition, 2004 EPA Team Award for Recycled Paper Wall Assembly System


Thesis: New Lives for Industrial Buildings: Merging Preservation and Sustainability

Proceedings for 2007 / 2008 Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture

Annual Conference, Central Conference, and Southeast Fall Conference                 


I love to travel.  It is about history, revisiting childhood memories and family roots, the spontaneous discovery of new places and spaces, visiting the ones we love and long for that live miles away, and creating new relationships with friends we meet along the way:

Vermont : Chicago, Illinois : Milwaukee, Wisconsin : Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick : Vancouver/Victoria, British Columbia : Abacos/San Salvador/St. Lucia/Dominican Republic, Caribbean : London, England : Dublin, Ireland : Northern Italy


Family, Outdoors, Interiors, Track and Field, Running, Cooking, Traveling, Repurposing, and Work too ;)