Coop de'ville

South Burlington has grown from a primarily agricultural community into the 2nd largest city in Vermont. The agricultural heritage is still present, but it has been largely marginalized in favor of neighborhoods and commercial districts. As South Burlington seeks to CENTER itself, we feel it’s appropriate to reintroduce that agricultural heritage. Our proposed chicken coops are migratory, moving through the site as needed to provide the chickens with fresh grass and bugs to eat. A coop can function on its own; the coops can also gang together to enclose larger spaces. Each coop design is different, an individual expression of its author. Together they create space and place. During each day the flexible fencing unfolds to create the chicken yard. At night, the fencing   retracts and protects each coop from predators. The daily rhythms of opening, moving and closing each coop would be adopted by interested residents, creating community through shared responsibility. The reward- fresh eggs and knowing your neighbor.